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N is a creative hailed from Nigeria. He self-taught himself how to draw + animate and has been working his way up the social ladder. His work has a recognizable style and he's one of the main brains behind "The Moon Studio"

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Mido is a phenomenal Japanese digital artist with a strong focus on illustration, character-design, and 3D modeling. She doesn't shy away from the use of vibrant colors and her work floors everyone that gives it a peek. 
Mido is a self-taught master artist with a strong work ethic to match.



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Nimbus is a self-taught Haitian digital artist who specializes in semi-realism and fantasy based portraits. 

Her signature use of bright colors and luminescent effects, her work radiates an ethereal aesthetic. Attention to detail is key in Nimbus’s pieces.



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A Dominican creative with talent that speaks for itself, He has done work for numerous musicians, creative-directors, entrepreneurs, and established business owners.

Freelance character and creature designer.​

"I was introduced to 3D art as a way of improving both the quality and efficiency of my concept art. Since then, I've developed a deep passion for 3D art, and have taught myself both ZBrush and Maya, as well as what goes into creating a fully fleshed character/creature that can be rigged and function in a film or game setting. I'm still a young artist, attempting to get my foot in the door and my name out there, and I'm sure many art students feel the same way. I hope to, one day, contribute to a horror game or film, and share my passion for creature design with a wider audience."

A phenomenal artist from Connecticut. She's passionate about illustration and character design, but she also dabbles with 3D modeling and ceramics. She's an expert when it comes to anything "space" or animal related. Her vast and deep knowledge of animals gives her a tremendous advantage when she's creating new creatures.



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Alexis, who goes by the name Hollow, is an NYC native from Brooklyn who is a professional and well-versed freelance illustrator, character designer, and animator for over 18 years and has experience with both traditional and digital media. Hollow currently has an open availability and can begin new projects big or small and will complete them in a timely fashion in the highest quality.



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A Nigerian animator skilled with Blender 3d and Maya. As a multimedia designer, he has a good understanding of 2d animation software like TvPaint and pencil 2d.

"I wish to become the best I can be. I started taking animation seriously upon admission into college where I learnt some basic 3d and 2d animation."

 Hyder has a professional US education in color theory.



Houston-based Music Producer and Dj.

OniJay also specializes in photography and videography.



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Artist & Animator,

Skilled in sakuga animation and eye catching illustrations utilizing phenomenal dynamics.



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Artist & Character designer, exceptional in fantasy based designs.

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