How the site works

Things You Need To Know

The Moon/Create acts as a bridge between artists.


Are you looking to hire artists for your music video, or recruit a team for a comic series or fashion line?


We offer an easy space of communication where freelance artists of many varieties can find each other and collaborate seamlessly.


Our (Creator's page) is split into different categories showcasing the portfolios and talents of artists who choose to be a part of "The Moon"


We create a direct line of communication where you can find pricing that works for your budget.


•We also offer a space for artists to set up shop and sell their own items. Be it clothing, prints, beats or even niche skill sets.•


"The Moon" Takes 5% of transactions for expansion and equipment upgrades. The majority of the money goes straight to the artists.


We exist to make the process of finding each other easier. Whether you're an aspiring client or a future Moon creator.


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